Do you have an Affiliate Program?

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Through our affiliate program, you can make up to 25% off sales with Perfect Wiki. 

How Perfect Wiki Affiliate Program works?

  • We'll give you a personal PROMO code that you should share with your subscribers. They should use it on checkout. 
  • Once they activate it they get a 5% off discount and you get up to 25% bonus from their subscription.
  • Perfect Wiki provides you with the ENTERPRISE subscription for a year for free

The Perfect Wiki affiliate program offers a great way for website owners and influencers to monetize their traffic and earn passive income. With this program, you can earn a commission for every sale of the Perfect Wiki products you refer.

Why you should try our Affiliate program?

  • Generous commission rate: The program offers an attractive commission rate of up to 25% for each sale that you refer.
  • Dedicated support: You will have access to a dedicated support team that will help you with any questions or issues you may have.