Do you have a reseller program?

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The reseller program terms are to be negotiated with our team separately for each use case.

How to join reseller program?

Send a message to with answers to following questions:

  1. Are you a Microsoft Partner?
  2. Do you already have some clients that would like to buy Perfect Wiki? Or you just scratching the surface?
  3. What is your typical interest rate?
  4. What documents do you need to start selling the process to your customer(s)?

How much you will earn with Perfect Wiki?

โš ๏ธ By default, we offer 25% from annual contract, however it's a negotiable matter and depends on the number of users you/your client wants to purchase and the level of the subscription plan. We as well offer a 5% discount code with the company name to the customer for setting up the subscription.

How does it work?

  • We'll give you a personal PROMO code that you should share with your subscribers. They should use it on checkout. 
  • Once they activate it they get a 5% off discount and you get a bonus from their subscription. 

Still have questions?

Drop us a line to