How can I get Help or Support at Perfect Wiki?

Written by ilia • Updated over a week ago1 min read

There are several ways of dealing with issues and questions that you can choose from:

Ask Our AI ChatBot

At Perfect Wiki Help Center we offer ‘AI ChatBot’ feature that allows you to ask questions from an AI Assistant that will provide you with the information about Perfect Wiki and offer related articles from our Help Center for further investigation.


If your query remained unanswered or you need have a unique case that requires individual attention - your option is to chat with a human. That can be done via our email 

Drop us a line and your question or request won't remain unnoticed.

Video Call Session 

In case you want to get a demo on Perfect Wiki or feel that it is easier to demonstrate your issue to the specialists - feel free to book a quick video call with our team here.

Please, do not forget to describe your request/problem, so we could offer quicker and more efficient solution.