๐Ÿค– How Perfect Wiki AI ChatBot Works?

Written by alexa โ€ข Updated a few days ago โ€ข 2 min read

Do the answers of the chatbot improve over time? 

Yes! Perfect Wiki does that in two simple ways: 

  1. We upgrade to a better model every release, right now we're using the latest GPT4-o model 
  2. We have implemented a learn cycle:
    1. We get user questions
    2. We gather and analyze answers (based on both user ratings and ability to answer a question based on the data you provided)
    3. We send you a weekly report on what data should be added / edited to achieve better results. 

So every week, your knowledge base gets a bit smarter.

Is the chatbot able to give answers in the language of which the questions were asked? 

The answers will be provided in the language the questions are asked in.

Does the chatbot allow follow-up questions?

Yes, you can ask further questions from our AI ChatBot.

Does the chatbot collect any kind of feedback?

We advise using the 'Analytics' to see the Chat bot queries and the answers provided. We sent that information over email to the admins weekly. Also, the team is currently working on the feedback feature for the AI ChatBot.

Does the chatbot provide references to the articles it based itโ€™s answer on?

Yes, the AI ChatBot offers links to the pages related to the topic for further investigation. 

Is the ChatBot available in both reader and editorial modes?

Yes, the AI ChatBot is supported in both Perfect Wiki modes, as well as in both external and internal knowledge bases.

Does the application understand that different terms can have the same semantic values while using only one of these variants?

Yes, the AI ChatBot is able to analyze meanings and semantic values of the text pieces inside your knowledge base.

Does the application detect when personal data is being shared?

Yes, but we need to have a strong definition of what is sensitive customer data in your organization. We could replace sensitive data like cards ids, security numbers with XXXXXX, as a custom feature for a fee.

Can the AI ChatBot be pinned to the users chat list or be used inside a Microsoft Teams channel? 

The feature is already created by Perfect Wiki and is pending implementation, that could take time due to the Microsoft Certification processes.

What is the best way to organize the content, so the AI ChatBot gives more precise answer?

  • Try avoiding tables, as the signs used for table structuring divides the information, preventing the AI Assistant from identifying that as a united text block
  • Use subpages or headings for creating demarcation between topics and subjects
  • Do not forget to mention the full forms of the abbreviations anywhere in the knowledge base at least once, to provide a straightforward connection for the AI ChatBot