🗑️ How to remove a сhannel?

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 ⚠️ In Perfect Wiki we do not remove your channels, instead you can archive them and restore back later on if needed.

In order to archive your channel: 

  1. Choose the channel you want to archive
  2. Click ‘⚙️' next to the channel name
  3. Go to ‘Archive channel’ tab
  4. Click ‘Archive channel’ button (you can as well delete all the pages before archiving the channel)
🗑️ How to remove a сhannel?

Your channel will be removed from the list of Perfect Wiki channels. But you can restore it at any point. 

Another way to archive your channel:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Choose tab ‘Channels’
  3. Change status for all channels in your team in ‘Actions’→ ‘Settings’
🗑️ How to remove a сhannel?

These functionalities are available on all the subscription levels.