🖌️ How Editor Works

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Perfect Wiki offers a simple Microsoft Word like editor.

In order to start editing, just click ‘Start editing’ button at the top right corner. If this button isn't present to you - check you access level in 🔓 Access Rights , may be you're restricted to commenter or viewer. 

🖌️ How Editor Works

That helps our user to navigate through the app easily without any inconveniences and the necessity to learn everything anew. 

You can easily insert images 🖼️ Images embed media files 🔗 Attaching Files 🧮 Media Integrations   📽️ How to embed media content  in order to make your pages more illustrative, informative and detailed.


To structure your information even more better you can add tables 📊 Tables , different types of lists ✅ Lists or code blocks 💻 Code Snippet. You can create a hierarchy of your pages via linking them among each other 🔗 Links .


Apart from them you can:

add headings to create table of contents 🗃️ Table of Contents 

  • highlight text
  • make text bold, underlined, italicized  or make it strikethrough 
  • change the size of the text easily 
  • align text 

Try our editor features out right now 📝 Page Editing !